Virtual Private (VPS) Email & Hosting Server (PvMHS) - Frequently Asked Questions



A PRIVATE SERVER is created by partitioning a dedicated server into multiple VIRTUAL servers such that each PARTITIONED SERVER can run its own full-fledged operating system and can be independently rebooted. Each PARTITIONED SERVER is called a PRIVATE SERVER.

You have full control of your PRIVATE SERVER and get dedicated resources such as RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth, and CPU for that PRIVATE SERVER. Just like you, other users get a PRIVATE SERVER on the same dedicated server; however they do not interfere with one another and work in complete isolation. 

The latest cPanel/WHM control panel is included FREE with every PRIVATE SERVER. cPanel/WHM allows you to configure multiple domains, set up email accounts, create databases, park domains and much more! 

» Why choose a PRIVATE SERVER instead of Shared Hosting?

More and more businesses are now moving to PRIVATE SERVER HOSTING for more reasons than just speed and flexibility.

Shared hosting is relatively insecure and emails and databases remain at risk when hosted under a shared hosting environment. The PRIVATE SERVER nearly eliminates this risk by ensuring that no other domains/websites/applications are hosted within the clients PRIVATE SERVER.

A PRIVATE SERVER is scalable with zero downtime. You can choose a minimal allocation PRIVATE SERVER to run a simple e-mail server or a high-end PRIVATE SERVER to run a webserver with enough resources to support extensive database applications and heavy traffic. 

Many of our clients chose a PRIVATE SERVER to host their applications or their email server because of practical problems faced with shared hosting; some are shared below:

A) When a single employee entered an incorrect password multiple times, the entire IP of the clients network used to be blocked by the firewall and all email communication used to stop. On the PRIVATE SERVER the IP addresses of the clients network were whitelisted and even if an employee enters incorrect passwords by mistake, access to the clients network is not blocked and email communication is not disrupted.

B) Many clients needed to send a larger volume of emails but because Shared hosting servers have a limit on the number of emails that can be sent, this limit was exceeded time and again, disrupting email communications. Moving to a PRIVATE SERVER ensured that larger volume mails are sent as a PRIVATE SERVER does not have the restrictions imposed by shared hosting.

C) Applications of some clients needed special configuration and settings which were not possible under a shared hosting environment. This was easily done on a PRIVATE SERVER.

» Can I easily upgrade to a larger PRIVATE SERVER package?

Upgrading requires no effort on your part. The only cost will be the price difference of the new package.

» Can I host as many domains as I want on my PRIVATE SERVER?

Yes. With cPanel control panel, you can set up as many domains as you wish. The types of resources you need will depend on the types of sites you are hosting. You may always upgrade if you find you need additional resources for your sites.

» Can you transfer my sites from my current host to my new PRIVATE SERVER?

*We will provide free transfers when possible as long as the new environment and control panel i.e CPanel/WHM is compatible/same as the old host/server. We will advise you if your free move is not possible and what the rate will be if you wish us to proceed at that point.

» Do your prices include GST?

GST is charged additionally.

» What type of backups do you offer?

We create Weekly backups. These backups contain the whole filesystem which is required for restoring the PRIVATE SERVER. Mumbai Hosting does not warrant that any data will be backed up correctly, nor that any successful restoration of data will be possible.