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Leading web hosting company in indiaGoogle Search recently announced that from 2018 onwards, all websites must have SSL Certificates for Search Engine ranking. We provide FREE SSL Certificates, with every domain hosted with us!
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Unable to send emails to some clients?

Unable to receive emails from some clients?

emails Lost or Delayed?

Insufficent Web Security / No SPAM Protection?

Unreliable Service & Support?

Web Server is Slow / Down?

Private Email Hosting Server
How do I choose the right hosting provider?

Choosing a hosting provider who has direct access to the ROOT of the server will ensure that you have fewer problems and faster solutions. So what is the ROOT of the Server? The ROOT area is the area of the web server where all the system files and logs are stored. For e.g the critical problem of missing email or lost email, can easily be resolved by analyzing the email logs to check what exactly happened to the email.

So, Choose a hosting company that has direct ROOT access to the server. At Mumbai Hosting we have ROOT access to all our Servers.

My domain is registered in xyz's name. Is this OK?

No. This is not ok. As your bank account is the gateway to control your money, your domain is the gateway to control your entire online presence. No one but you should be the Registrant of the domain name. If anybody else has control of the domain name; take immediate steps to have it transferred under your control.

Our Hosting Services are Trusted by CLIENTS ALL OVER INDIA. Many of our existing clients have been hosting with us for more than a decade. From Individuals, Small Businesses, SME's, Startups, Corporate, Educational Institutions and Top Universities...We have hosted them all.

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