Private Email & Hosting (VPS) - Frequently Asked Questions

» What is a VPS?

VPS stands for a Virtual Private Server. A virtual private server is created by partitioning a dedicated server into multiple servers such that each virtual server can run its own full-fledged operating system, and each server can be independently rebooted. Each individual server is called a container.

You have full control of your container and get dedicated resources such as RAM, Disk Space, Bandwidth, and CPU for that container. Just like you, other users get containers on the same server; however they do not interfere with one another and work in complete isolation. The cost for each container varies depending on the resources chosen for that container.

To give an example, VPS is like renting a charterd flight from an airline. You can choose between small/medium/large Turbos to Light/MidSize/Corporate Jets and you pay accordingly.

By using the industry leading virtualization solution Virtuozzo, we offer top of the line VPS packages with root access.

» Why choose a VPS instead of Shared Hosting?

VPS hosting was often considered a step up from shared hosting when websites had to start supporting heavy traffic or for installing custom applications not supported due to limitations of the shared hosting infrastructure.

However, more and more businesses are now moving to VPS hosting for more reasons than just speed and flexibility.

Shared hosting is relatively insecure and emails and databases remain at risk when hosted under a shared hosting enviroment. The individual container model of Virtual private servers nearly eliminate this risk by ensuring that no other domains/websites/applications are hosted within the clients container.

VPS is scalable with zero downtime. You can choose a minimal allocation VPS to run a simple e-mail server or a high-end VPS to run a webserver with enough resources to support extensive database applications and heavy traffic. It is no accident that the word "Private" makes an appearance between "Virtual" and "Server" - VPS hosting is inherently more secure than shared hosting.

The VPS fills the gap economically by providing a bridge between less expensive shared server hosting and more expensive dedicated server hosting.

Many of our clients chose a VPS to host their applications or their email server because of practical problems faced with shared hosting; some are shared below:

A) When a single employee entered an incorrect password multiple times, the entire IP of the clients network used to be blocked by the firewall and all email communication used to stop. On the VPS the IP addresses of the clients network were whitelisted and even if an employee enters incorrect passwords by mistake, access to the clients network is not blocked and email communication is not disrupted.

B) Many clients needed to send a larger volume of emails but because Shared hosting servers have a limit on the number of emails that can be sent, this limit was exceeded time and again, disrupting email communications. Moving to a VPS ensured that larger volume mails are sent as a VPS does not have the restrictions imposed by shared hosting.

C) Applications of some clients needed special configuration and settings which were not possible under a shared hosting environment. This was easily done on a VPS.

» Does my VPS server come with a control panel?

Yes, the latest cPanel/WHM is included free with every VPS. cPanel/WHM allows you to configure multiple domains, set up email accounts, create databases, park domains and much more!

» Can I easily upgrade to a larger VPS package?

Upgrading requires no effort on your part. We can retain your IP numbers and the only cost will be the price difference of the new package.

» Can I host as many domains as I want on my VPS?
Yes and no. With cPanel control panel, you can set up as many domains as you wish.

However, the VPS package you select may not have the resources capable of hosting infinite website domains. The types of resources you need will depend on the types of sites you are hosting, and the individual resource requirements of those sites. Because of this, it is difficult to arrive at a specific number of sites you can expect to host. You may always upgrade if you find you need additional resources for your sites.

» Can you transfer my sites from my current host to my new VPS?

Yes. We will transfer all of your sites free* of charge and will assure that you experience no or minimum downtime.

In certain cases where requested by the client we will transfer your data from the previous provider to our servers. This will be done with our best efforts, however, we do not guarantee the transfer process.

This courtesy service is done on an as requested and as available basis. Each provider may use different software, configurations, and/or other variables which complicate or in some cases prevent a smooth transfer.

* We will provide free transfers when possible as long as the new environment and control panel i.e CPanel/WHM is compatible/same as the old host/server. We will advise you if your free move is not possible and what the rate will be if you wish us to proceed at that point.

» Do your prices include GST?

GST is charged additionally.

» How do I add additional IP's to my account?
Additional IP's can be added to your account at the rate of Rs. 200 per IP per month. Please email the sales department at with your IP request.

» What is Virtuozzo?

The full name of Virtuozzo is ‘Parallels Virtuozzo Containers’. It is an operating system-level virtualization software packge created by Parallels, Inc. All of our Managed Virtual Private Servers are powered by the strong, stable and efficient Virtuozzo Power Panel. From within this panel you can easily start, shutdown, reboot and monitor your entire server. Including extended usage and visitor statistics and much much more.

Virtuozzo™ Power Panel© is free with any Virtual Private Server purchase.

» What type of backups do you offer?
We create Weekly backups. These backups contain the whole VPS filesystem which is required for restoring the VPS. Mumbai Hosting does not warrant that any data will be backed up correctly, nor that any successful restoration of data will be possible. Your use of this service is at your sole risk.

» What’s the set-up time for a VPS?

VPS requires 1 working day for domain nameserver configuration and software setup.

All Virtual Private Servers are setup after payment clearance and delivered after 1 working day from the date of payment clearance. Please remember that your Plan duration will commence from the date the payment was cleared and not from the date the VPS is handed over to you.

» Where are your servers located?
Our servers are located in Dallas, Texas

» Can I send Bulk Mail on VPS Servers?
Sending Bulk Mail on VPS Servers.

Legitimate bulk mailing lists are permitted on our VPS Servers network if the bulk email meets the following criteria:

1) The recipient has confirmed his willingness to be added to the distribution list of the mailing, by responding to a verification email, or, otherwise, verifiably confirming permission. (Evidence of such must be retained and available by request.)

2) Messages should include: Valid headers, removal instructions, and information on the method by which the subscribed address was obtained.


MySQL is a popular Open Source Software relational database management system which uses a subset of ANSI SQL (Structured Query Language).

E-Mail Forwarding & Aliasing

All Mumbai Hosting accounts come with unlimited e-mail forwarding & Aliasing. E-mail forwarding is an email service in which your email is automatically sent (forwarded) from one or more email address, to another (possibly several) specified email address.

Webmail Access

Now you can check your e-mail from any computer with an Internet connection. Mumbai Hosting provides squirrelmail, a web-based professional solution for accessing your e-mail from a web browser.

Mailing List

All Mumbai Hosting accounts come with mailing lists. A Mailing list is a very popular way for people to send and receive information of a particular type. For example, you might wish to add all of your customers to a mailing list and then notify them of upcoming sales or specials by sending only one message to the main list address, which would then send the message to all e-mail addresses contained in that list.

FTP Accounts and Access

The process by which files are transferred to the web server is called 'FTP' (File Transfer Protocol). You have unlimited access via FTP 24 hours a day. As such, you can create and maintain your web pages on your own computer and upload files to your web site at your leisure and you may set up as many FTP user accounts as you like in your Site Manager.

CGI-BIN Support

Every Mumbai Hosting account comes with a personal CGI-BIN. The CGI-BIN is a directory on the server where the executable CGI scripts reside. We have pre-installed some very popular and common CGI scripts in your CGI-BIN already. You have complete control over your CGI-BIN and can install any custom or 3rd party CGI scripts that you would like.


PhpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the web. It can create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, and more.


Subdomains or 3rd level domains are web addresses that operate just under a top level domain, but behave as an independent domain. You can place a word or phrase in place of the standard 'www' ( and redirect all requests for that URL to a different directory within your website. You can set up subdomains from within your Site Manager.

Password Protected Directories

Every Mumbai Hosting account comes with the ability to password protect as many directories as you would like. This can be setup very quickly and easily using the pre-installed control panel on every Mumbai Hosting account.