Our VPS Networks

Screenshots of the Colo4Dallas facility


  • Multiple carriers with diverse building entrances

  • Fully redundant Cisco architecture using 12008 routers and 6509 Layer3 switches

  • HSRP failover protection

  • Dual network feeds to each customer

  • 100% Service Level Agreement

Power Systems

  • Leibert and Powerware UPS with 120, 208, 220VAC available

  • Maintainance by-pass

  • 2400 amps DC plant

  • 100% diesel generator backup with auto start and auto transfer switch

  • Generator capacity equal to building utility service

  • A and B DC plants totally diverse

  • Fuel capacity exceeds 24 hours

  • Fuel delivery contract with 2-hour guarantee

Environmental Controls

  • Liebert air

  • Under-floor cooling

  • Humidity control via Liebert units

Security and Access

  • Biometric Scanner

  • Multiple layers of 24x7 security cameras, card readers, and key pads

  • Access to equipment area 24x7 via card key and key pads

  • Non-customers enter equipment area by escort only

  • All cabinets, cages, and suites are locking, with security upgrades available

  • Facilities are monitored with 24 hour recording and 5 day video storage

Fire Suppression Systems

  • Pre-action sprinkler rated for telecommunication equipment/computer room

  • Integrated smoke/heat detector system