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How do I generate a CSR code?

If you decide to generate a CSR code yourself or if your hosting company advises you to do so, then please follow the CSR code generation instructions given below.

CSR code should have a key size of atleast 2048-bits.

Important Note!

Usually a dedicated IP address is required for SSL installation. Please consult your web hosting company before installing your SSL certificate.

CSR code is required for activation of SSL certificate. It contains information about the one who requests the certificate and the server on which the certificate is to be installed. CSR is also required for securing transmission of data through sites that have SSL certificates installed.

The encryption of data by SSL certificates is based on using two keys – public and private. Public key (its bits are embedded into CSR code) is used to encrypt data prior to sending it to server on which the certificate has been installed. It is sent to every internet user that submits information at site secured by the certificate. Private key (RSA key that is always generated along with the CSR) is necessary to decrypt data that has been encrypted using public key. Only the server that has RSA key is able to decrypt data. This makes data transmission via SSL secure and safe. Private key should not be revealed to any third-parties as this may compromise the certificate.

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SSL Type:
Domain Validation
Organisation Validation
Extended Validation
Wildcard Certficates