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Positive SSL Certificate
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  • SSL Certificate by COMODO
  • Fast validation
  • Trustworthy guarantee
  • High Security, Low Cost
  • Trusted by 99.9% of browsers

Comodo PositiveSSL lets you secure your site immediately with no waiting. Comodo is one of the most trusted names in the certificate authority industry, ensuring that visitors to your site feel secure when they purchase your goods or submit sensitive information in forms. A Comodo Positive SSL certificate will keep their information safe as it travels between their computer and your server.

  • State of the art encryption. With encryption that can reach 256-bit and 2058-bit key length, the Comodo PositiveSSL certificate provides all the safety that your customers could want.

  • Domain level validation. Domain level validation requires the least thorough examination of your company in order for a certificate to be issued. It doesn't impact or diminish the effectiveness of the protection, and it dramatically speeds up processing time. A Comodo Positive SSL certificate can be issued within minutes; other types of validation take at least two days.

  • High trust level. The Comodo name is trusted by 99.3% of browsers, resulting in extremely high recognition rates. When browsers see a site secured by a PositiveSSL certificate, they know it's safe, and your visitors know it too.
Site Security Matters

Today's internet can be dangerous if website owners don't take the necessary steps to protect information. When your visitors buy something from you or submit personal information through a form, they're sending their data out across the internet. Without proper protection like a Positive SSL certificate, anyone with a bit of technical skill can pluck that information out of the internet midstream and then use it for their own ends. This is one of the leading methods of identity theft.

In the early days of the internet, this risk was little known, and there wasn't all that much to do about it. But SSL changed all of that. Now, having some kind of SSL encryption is absolutely mandatory. But getting the protection you need doesn't have to cost a fortune. Positive SSL certificates are inexpensive and still provide the same protection as their more expensive cousins.

Positive SSL Vs. More Expensive Comodo SSL

There is no meaningful difference in the amount of data protection that these two disparate options provide. Both a Positive SSL certificate and a top of the line SSL will offer the same security for transmission between your server and your client's computer. What's different is how thoroughly they will research your company before issuing the certificate.

PositiveSSL provides domain level validation, which means that they'll make sure you own the domain, but they won't check much of anything else. The more expensive options simply perform a more in-depth background check before they're willing to issue anything. This doesn't mean much for your company, but as you start to have a higher volume of visitors and clients, and particularly as you start to face scrutiny from clients who want to know more about you, it becomes an advantage. People are able to see that your company is real, that you offer the products you claim to provide - no small thing considering how easy it is to set up shop on the internet.

But if you're not to the point where you need more complex validation, the Positive SSL certificate from Comodo is a great way to save money and get the security you need. And when you buy from mumbaihosting.com, you'll save even more! We provide discounts lower than Comodo itself, and we'll also provide support and assistance. Contact us to learn more!

Primary Features
Brand (Certificate Authority):
Type (Validation Level):
Domain Validation
Paperwork Required:
Domains Secured:
Single Domain
Secures 'www' & 'non-www':
Mobile Support:
Most Device
Technical Features
from 40-bit to 256-bit
Key Length:
2048 Bits
Site Seal Type:
Green Bar:
5-15 minutes
Server Licensing:
Browser Ubiquity:
Other Features
Customer Support
24x7x365 Support Ticket

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Domain Validation
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