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Instant SSL Certificate
For Organisation Validations

Rs.5000/- Per Year

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  • SSL Certificate by COMODO
  • Organisation validation
  • Issuance in Up to 2 days
  • Trustworthy guarantee
  • High Security, Low Cost
  • Trusted by 99.9% of browsers

Comodo InstantSSL Certificate

Organizational validation for just Rs.5000? Yes, you read that correctly! When you buy from us, this extensive high-level validation certificate is within reach even for the smallest business on the tightest budget. You can get the high level organizational validation that your visitors expect without having to pay the high prices. 

• Organizational validation. Nothing but extended validation can beat organizational validation for comprehensive evaluation of a company. An InstantSSL certificate will only be issued after Comodo has examined your business to ensure that your details match what is given through your web hosting. This extra layer of legitimacy is absolutely vital on the web. Everyone knows how easy it is to set up a business and how difficult it is to check that it provides what it says it does, or that it's located where it claims to be. All of those facts will be checked before your Instant SSL certificate is issued, reassuring your visitors and encouraging confidence. 

• Fast approval. Many extended validation certificates can take a long time to be approved. Your Comodo Instant SSL certificate won't be awarded in minutes, but you'll have approval within two days. 

• Industry standard security. With 256-bit encryption and a 2048 bit key, Comodo Instant SSL is about as safe as it gets. Both of these are measures of different things used to encrypt and decrypt the information as it passes between the server and the client's computer. Higher numbers mean better security and a higher level of trust for your clients. 

• Site seal. Show your visitors that you take their security seriously. Display your site seal, showing everyone that your site isn't going to make them vulnerable. 

Why Your Business Needs This Security 

If you have an ecommerce or any other information gathering business and you don't have SSL, you're asking for trouble. Whether you select Instant SSL or choose one of the other kinds of Comodo SSL certificates, you simply must have your site secured. During an unencrypted exchange unprotected by SSL, information is passed between your visitor's computer and the server on which your website is hosted. If the information isn't protected during that time, anyone with minor technical skill can intercept it and take it. This is a leading cause of identity theft, and your visitors know it. A Comodo instant certificate isn't a luxury - without protection, your visitors will never give you the credit card information and personal details it takes for them to become customers.

Buying Instant Certificates Through mumbaihosting.com

We're not a certificate authority ourselves, meaning we don't issue the various SSL certificates we sell. Instead, our role is to bring you the best SSLs at the lowest prices, while providing unmatched technical support. We're the best place to buy an SSL certificate on the internet because we provide one-stop shopping, outstanding customer service, knowledgeable and comprehensive technical assistance, and the lowest prices you'll find anywhere. Contact us to learn more!

Primary Features
Brand (Certificate Authority):
Type (Validation Level):
Organization Validation
Paperwork Required:
Domains Secured:
Single Domain
Secures 'www' & 'non-www':
Mobile Support:
Most Device
Technical Features
from 40-bit to 256-bit
Key Length:
2048 Bits
Site Seal Type:
Dynamic (Comodo "Corner of Trust"™)
Green Bar:
Up to 2 days
Server Licensing:
Browser Ubiquity:
Other Features
Customer Support
24x7x365 Support Ticket

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SSL Type:
Domain Validation
Organisation Validation
Extended Validation
Wildcard Certficates